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GEORAMA was founded on 13-11-06 (according to the submission of its statute to the Court of First Instance in Patras on 12-01-07 with submission entrenchment – protection No 45) and its headquarters are situated in Patras.

GEORAMA is intending to play the role of a development pole in the coastal area of Western Greece and participate actively in bottom up European Integration, rooted into civilian mobilization and institution building as a result of interaction of Local / Regional Stakeholders and EU/ International / Global networks of excellence.

Founding Members of GEORAMA initiated and implemented a number of Interregional Co-operation projects funded by the EU Territorial Co-operation programs (INTERREG IIIC), realized that there was a need for a new institutional set up to continue the thematic work of these networks after the expiration of their financing by EU. GEORAMA is fed by the concepts, results and ambitions of the interregional co-operation networks and is devoted to continue the work of these & other initiatives.

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